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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I/we order Wholesale?
    Please complete the pre-order form and select the wholesale or Order option in the dropdown menu!
  • How do I play the board games?
    INSTRUCTION MANUAL Board games guide Use the instructions below to help you and your child/children to enjoy our three educational board games designs. SPACE THROW PLANETS board game ☐ Insert the Planet hook and loop material into the board games frame slot. Warning: Please be careful when inserting the hook and loop material into the frame as it can hooked onto cloth material and human hair. ☐ Push the black button on the middle of the frame to turn on or off the LED flashing lights. There are 3 different motion options of the LED flashing lights. ☐ The planet game is simple to play. The aim of the game is to throw a planet ball onto the planet on the hook and loop board e.g., Earth to Earth, Mars to Mars. ☐ Rules of the Game - You can have multiple players playing the game. Player-1 can throw all 8 planets as accurately as he or she can to hit the target bullseye of the planets inner circle on the board. An on-target bullseye hit of a planet onto planet will account for 2 points. And if the player hits the planet orbit line, then the player gets 1 point. The same rule applies to Player-2, Player-3, Player-4 and so on. ☐ Another option of playing the game is to divide the planets into 4 planets each. Player-1 can throw his or her 4 planets and Player-2 can also throw his or her 4 planets. Whoever hits the target the most get the highest score. ☐ You can also obtain all the information about each planet on the Toys Unite app store (Android) and play the ‘Planet Quiz game’ on your mobile devices. Please download the Toys Unite apps from Google Play store. Numbers Roll & Throw board game ☐ Insert the Numbers hook and loop material into the board games frame. ☐ Rules of the Game: Roll a dice that has 1-6 number sides on it. If you don’t have a physical dice, you can use our Dice platform on the Toys Unite app store. Please download the Toys Unite apps from Google Play store. Player-1 can either use the red or green balls to throw onto the numbers board. So, if Player-1 rolls a dice and get a dice number e.g., no.6 which is the highest number on the dice. And Player-2 rolls no.4 on the dice, then, Player-1 gets the first throw or can nominate Player-2 to have the first throw. If Player-1 have the first throw with the ‘Red ball’ and then misses no.6 on the board e.g., no.7 or somewhere else on the board then Player-2 gets the opportunity to play twice and must roll the dice for each throw. You can apply the rules on the numbers board such as no.6 (+3). It means move 3 steps forward. There are other rules on the numbers board such as (-2), this means move 2 steps backwards. Another rule of the game is related to questions (?) pop up. If Player-1 lands on no.17 which is on the board, then Player-1 can ask Player-2 to answer a question on what two numbers can be added together or minus from each other to get no.17? The answer for example will be (10+7=17) or (20-3=17), you can also use the same rule for no.37 (20+17=37) or (45-8=37) are acceptable answers. The smiling face in between 29 & 30 and 40 & 41, means to give high five to your opponent or take a break. ☐ You can also obtain more information about ‘Numbers fact funding’ on the Toys Unite app store (Android) onto your mobile devices. Please download the Toys Unite apps from Google Play store. ☐ The game helps to create an atmosphere of playing, having fun and learning add and minus of sums at the same time during homework or schoolwork time. ANIMAL KINGDOM FEEDING GAME ☐ The aim of the game is to help both children and adult to learn what types of food to feed the animals and plants on the board. ☐ If they ask for help, give guidance and stay patient. ☐ Rule of the Game: Each ball has a printed food of what each animal or plant can eat to survive such as Elephants are herbivores, feeding on grasses and leaves and using their powerful trunks to dig for roots or break off large tree branches. Player-1 or Player-2 can throw the ball with the food printed on it to the animal or plant on the board. ☐ You can also obtain more information about ‘Animal Kingdom fact funding’ on the Toys Unite app store (Android) onto your mobile devices. Please download the Toys Unite apps from Google Play store. Tips for Parents or Guidance ☐ Discuss and praise good work, good understanding, or good throws. Look out for and mention special efforts. ☐ Please show an interest in what each player is doing. ☐ Share and discuss books, articles, TV or YouTube programs, or relevant apps to help with their schoolwork. ☐ Please take onboard the teacher’s comments. You can apply some of the learning and development by using the various board games tools as a point of reference. ☐ Stay in touch with the teachers and find out what the children’s study goals are. ☐ There are other research and National Curriculum study programs devised to help your child/children, if necessary. ☐ If you are busy, you can consider appointing a mentor who can also use various Toys Unite tools to assist with difficult schoolwork. Thank you all for playing the Games. We hope that you have enjoyed it!
  • Can I Return my order, if there is a fault?"
    Yes! Please ensure that you return the item to our business address within 30 days of purchase.
  • Can I buy Toys and Games individually?
    Yes, you can! Please follow the buy now process using your credit card or paypal account.
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