About Us

Toys Unite Ltd was founded in the UK in 2019, by a husband and wife who after becoming parents experienced difficulties with the limited amount of interactive games and educational toys available in the market. As a result, they decided to set up an innovative and exciting business to help families and friends to interact better through various games and toys whilst having fun at the same time. Toys Unite Ltd creates unique, innovative, high quality toys and games that both adults and children can play together.



Our Aim

Toys Unite Ltd aim to provide both unique, conventional toys from different race and ethnicity. We aim to provide high quality products at affordable prices to help meet the needs of parents and their children. 


Our Vision

In today's world, there are many technologies and Social Media fighting for our attention. It is difficult to find a common ground where adults and children can play together. We believe that we have created unique products that allows both adults and children to play, have fun and learn new skills. And also to provide opportunities to utilise their motor skills and exercise through participation. 

The Team & Values

The Toys Unite Ltd team consists of qualified professionals with many years of experience in creating high quality toys and games. We are committed to show integrity and demonstrate excellence when delivering a good quality service in all areas of our business. We have an innovative and creative team with a drive to develop new ideas and products for today's market.

Our values is to encourage unity and playfulness between friends and families. Use creative ways to educate the next generation on everyday social or moral issues such as Climate change, Recycling, animal welfare etc.

Services and products

  • Plush soft toys. 

  • Educational Board games

  • Online Shop - Retail and Wholesale, opportunities for individuals or businesses to buy in small or large quantity.


Our products can be accessed and purchased via our online Shop.